Revenue & Traffic Report: April 2018 is my oldest website that I’ve owned for over 10 years. It used to be a blog under the name, and has seen many revisions over the years. Later this year I moved it over to the domain, and decided to start updating it again. It hasn’t made any serious money since the glory days of Clickbank, but still makes a few dollars a day through Adsense, and a bit from Youtube. Since I started updating it again, it has seen a pretty big increase in pageviews and revenue, but it still has a way to go. In the end, my gaming websites are mostly run as passion projects because I really love gaming, and especially the MMORPG genre, and monetary gains aren’t the number one priority with these sites.

I will be posting these revenue & traffic reports monthly from now on. A part of the reason for this is that when I started the site, the number of people making and running small gaming websites was huge compared to now, and there was a little community around it. used to be filled with gaming related sites, and now there is almost none. I think part of the reason for this is the popularity of Twitch and Youtube for gaming related content, and for making money with playing games, which of course is great, but I would like to see more niche gaming sites come back as well. And I’m pretty certain that the best way to it, in terms of making money from it, is to combine a website with Youtube/Twitch and a strong social media presence.

Hopefully, I will see a nice increase in traffic on, and I will be posting all about it here on the blog. I also have a huge announcement coming up about a new MMO related website that I am launching within the next few months.

MMORPGTips Traffic for April 2018

Youtube Views: 3460

MMORPGTips Revenue for April 2018

In the month of April, I only made a measly 65$ from Adsense. This site used to make around 1500-2000$ a month from Clickbank back in the day, so there is still a way to go to get back to that point. I made about 5$ of YouTube, which really is nothing, but I did notice that growing the Youtube views seems pretty easy. I haven’t posted on YouTube in a few months. In January I only had about 800 views, and then I posted just a few videos and in February I had about 4,5k views, and that amount has been pretty steady since then without any updates. I will be trying for a period to upload to YouTube every day to see how much I can grow it in a short period of time.

Check back next month for another report, any questions and suggestions are really appreciated!

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