Making landing page logos for domains

As everyone knows, GDPR is coming this month and with it, the end of WHOIS as we know it. So having landing pages for your domains will be paramount, if you want potential buyers to be able to reach you. Since I have a relatively small domain portfolio of around 100 domains, I have an easier job of maintaining it than a lot of other domain investors. Every time I buy a new domain, I set up a landing page for it. I use Efty for this because I think they have great looking landing pages. They also have a fantastic dashboard with all the tools I need to manage my portfolio.

Exactly how important it is to have a logo to go with your domain is unknown, and what chance you have of selling a domain with a logo vs. a domain without a logo is probably minimal. But I just like that everything on the landing pages and on my portfolio looks clean and professional. I also enjoy making logos and it only takes a few minutes to create one.

To make my logos I choose to use I could make everything from scratch in Photoshop, but this would take way to much time. Canva lets you choose from a bunch of different templates, it has a ton of great designs, some of which are free and some which cost a few dollars or require a subscription. I just go with the free ones. All the designs in the logo category are free and most of my logos are made with these, but you should also check out the other categories for designs. For example, the Facebook Covers category has a bunch of nice designs that can be used to logos as well. When you have made your design you will probably need to resize it, Efty’s logo dimensions are 300×80, so I always need to crop and resize to make it fit. You can do this in Canva but it requires you to subscribe, so I do it in Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can find other alternatives like Gimp or even websites where you can crop and resize images.

If you need any help with making logos, let me know! Below you can see some example of logos I’ve made with Canva that I am especially happy with.

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