Behind the Buy :

(In behind the buy/sale I will be talking a bit about my domain buys and sales. Why and how I bought and sold and what I think of the domain.)


Price: 12.99$

This domain changed a lot in the way I think about a domain. I bought it a couple of years ago when I was still pretty new to domains. What I knew or thought I knew about domains came mostly from Estibot. While Estibot is a great tool and I still use it daily, I now know to take everything with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to brandables. Since Estibot relies so heavily on search volume, most of my domain purchases up to this point had been keyword domains. This was the first domain I bought because I thought a company or product would be named this in the future.

When I found I was looking through recently expired domains on The domain really stood out because the org, net and info extensions had all expired with the .com so there was a whole cluster of them on my screen. I bought the .com and .net, although I let the .net expire after a year. I think the reason I saw value in the domain, despite not having much knowledge of brandables, was because of my gaming background. I have built a bunch of gaming website over the years, and always been heavily invested in the gaming scene, something I will be talking more about in later blog posts. To me, Heroes Saga just stands out as a great game name. Of course, Farm Heroes Saga already is a very popular game, which decreases the value of the name some, but I still think it’s strong enough to buy for registration fee. In addition to being a great video game name, it’s also a great name for a board game, tv-series or a movie.

At some point, something is going to be called Heroes Saga, that I am pretty certain of.  And this thought changed a lot of how I value domains. Before I used to rely way too much on Estibot. Now I use a ton of different tools, but the most important thing I think about is pretty simple; “How likely is it that a company, app, game, etc, is going to be called this?”. If I’m close to 100% certain I will be willing to pay up quite a lot for the domain, if I’m 50% certain I’ll try to get a deal if it flies under the radar, and below 30% or so, I’ll buy it if I find it real cheap. So far this method has worked out pretty well.

If I end up being wrong about the domain and it doesn’t sell, I have always had a dream of developing a game myself at some point, and I’ll have a good name for it! And the name will always be important to me because it taught me some valuable lessons about domains.

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