About Daniel Kling Lorentsen

For over a decade I have developed and ran websites, and a few years ago I also started investing in domains. My first ever site was FreeMmorpgGuides.com, now MmorpgTips.com, that I still run to this day, a site I made as a teenager and as of writing this I just turned 30 a few days ago. I currently have several more websites in development.

My domain portfolio can be found at GoodSolid.com. As of late, I have made several five-figure sales, some which I will go into further detail about on the blog in the near future.

My whole life I’ve been a jack of all trades, always working on a handful of projects at all times. In my professional life, I have worked in construction, as a journalist, in a comic book store, as a freelance illustrator, and as a chef to name a few. On the side, I have done pretty much anything you can do online to make money from drop shipping Chinese phones on eBay, to investing in stocks and playing poker, all with various degrees of success. I still play the occasional poker tournament and dabble in stocks, but my main sources of income come from websites and domains.

My Current Websites & Projects

GoodSolid.com – Domain Portfolio.

MmorpgTips.com – Tips & guides for online games.

******.*** – MMORPG website still in development, name yet to be announced.

NordicProvisions.com – Food blog, that I run with my girlfriend who is a food photographer.